• Kyair Butts

Daybreak Over Humanity

It's funny how when one turns to hate because they're irate we ask ourselves why the injustice doesn't equate.

I see these faces- black, brown in all of the high and low places because they occupy the same spaces for which we all belong as one- not of different races.

The ground below swells with the hells from our inner recesses but people please we are just waiting for day to break over humanity and bring an end to this devil-ridden calamity.

Leaders have become sleepers calling our young ones thugs and sweeping the real problems of racism and bigotry under institutionalized and Jim Crow rugs.

Once strong and triumphant we now watch as they ask us to be silent, seek fear and the news cycles make us long to be defiant or some version of a woke, black giant.

We wait for day to break over humanity so that our sons and daughters can see the beauty and not this ugly, deep seated, systematic insanity.

There are those that go silent and then there are those that go violent. Bystanders need to STAND, as to wait and idle is to watch a young brother die by some hand that swore to the bible an oath who quoth he shall protect and serve not persecute and unnerve.

We wait for the day to break over humanity.

I once told a group of people that those with the least to lose are those most willing to risk it all. These are the ones who will provide a jolt as we gather and plan the revolt of oppression our generation's new depression.

We are all just waiting. We are waiting for day to break on humanity.

When night turns to day, we may seek HIM and pray for we have been given another chance as day has just broken over humanity. Let us stand strong and go forth with humility and sincerity.

After all, we are just waiting on day to break...over humanity.

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